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My Condition with Update

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Paul Lewis

Hi All

Several people have asked what is going on with me so I thought I would catch everyone up in an email.

On Wednesday Feb 20 I went to my Doctor to get some Antibiotics for an infection. I started taking the antibiotics that night and almost right away did not feel too well. Thursday Friday And Saturday I didn’t feel good and mostly stayed in bed. Just figured it was the Meds fighting the infection, which has happened to me before.

Sunday I felt a little better, was up all day, went to the store and watched the Oscars with Nancy. Then I went to bed.

Almost immediately I could not breathe. I mean I did not draw more than 1/8 of a Breath ALL NIGHT LONG.

Monday morning Nancy took one look at me and said I should go to the doctor. A little while later she said I’m taking you to the Doctor. He took one look at me, gave me an Oxygen tank and said get him to the Emergency Room in Granby as soon as possible. At the ER they quickly assessed me and I was in an ambulance to Denver.

I went to Swedish Hospital and spent seven days in Intensive Care. The first two days were rough (bad enough that my son who is in his third year as a resident in radiology at Georgetown dropped everything and flew home) but I stabilized after that They just were concerned to let me out of ICU as they had no assurance I wouldn’t be right back.

I was discharged this Tuesday (two weeks after this all started), on Oxygen and steroids. They still don’t know what happened but I am doing fine, although still a nick short of being able to take a full breath.

So it’s been a wild ride. Many ups and downs (I actually wrote and emailed a counteroffer while I was in the ambulance).

And me: All I can say is I’m still living the dream, hopefully a little more humble and definitely a lot more appreciative.

I thank God for good health, a great family and the absolutely outstanding care I received at Swedish Hospital.

That’s my story.

Except: in the last two weeks, I’ve put one property under contract, am working on offers on two others and have three new listings (go figure).

UPDATE: Wednesday, 3/13/13

I have been out of the hospital for a week. I am feeling good but there have been some adjustments. I am on O2 pretty much full time but I am weaning myself off of it slowly. Yesterday in Denver I went a lot of the day without – heck, who needs O2 at only 5200 feet.

I am still on Prednisone but weaning that quickly also. Still it feels like I am on 5 hour energy all day long.

I have lost 21 pounds (down to 152.5 pounds) and feel great.

Long range is still a question although with the way I feel I am very optimistic. I have an appointment at National Jewish on the 26th  That is the same day my second grandson is to be born at General Rose Hospital. So birth in the morning and evaluation in the afternoon. Conveniently it’s right across the street.

Real Estate business gets more intense every day. Monday I put another property under contract. Tomorrow I have two showings and a listing appointment. I’m also on the floor in the afternoon. Lovin’ it.

I just want to thank everyone who emailed and wished me well. It meant a lot – more than I am able to express.



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