The Colorado Real Estate Commission oversees all real estate activities that occur in Colorado. As such, this body mandates how a licensed Broker can work for the general public and the exact format in which contracts can be written. If you would like a copy of any of the following most popular contracts, or any other, please email me at

DD25. Definitions of Real Estate Brokerage Relationships

CBS1. Contract to Buy & Sell Real Estate – Residential

LC10-9-95. Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing Contract – Residential – Seller Agency

TBD26. Transaction Broker Disclosure


  1. Many of the documents, including the property deed, encumbrances, liens, subdivision plats, homeowner association documents, etc. are recorded at the Grand County Courthouse and therefore public record.
  2. The Seller of the property is likely to have such items as a survey, knowledge of any encroachments and those types of information.
  3. Still other documents, such as homeowner association by-laws & financial records, are in the hands of a third party.

All of this is provided or available to you for your review soon after you have an accepted contract on a property, so I suggest you wait until that point before reviewing such paperwork. However if you do have a specific question on a public record, you may get this information from the Grand County Courthouse, (970) 725-3347.

In Colorado, a title company insures almost all property transfers. This insurance is paid for by the Seller and assures the Buyer that the title received at closing is insured against any claims on its validity. For more information on this, one source that you can contact is the Title Company of the Rockies at (970) 726-8077,