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Winter Park CO Real Estate

Realtor Paul Lewis, Owner Broker of Moose Real Estate,  believes Winter Park CO real estate has always been a great value. It is more so now than ever before. Many other mountain resorts in Colorado have been overdeveloped or have much higher prices. Opportunities in Winter Park CO real estate as well as Grand County, CO real estate are endless. That, combined with the proximity to Denver and the friendly local atmosphere, has made this area the ideal mountain resort to own a second home.

Winter Park, Colorado has long been known as Colorado’s favorite resort. It started as a ski area in 1939, owned by the City of Denver. Skiers from the Front Range of Colorado used to come up to Winter Park on the train. From that simple beginning as a day ski area, it is now a full fledged resort. Real estate for second homes & vacation getaways is more important than ever.

Winter Park, CO Real EstateSo has the reputation for recreation has grown over time and so has interest in Winter Park real estate. In addition to world class downhill skiing at Winter Park Resort, with over one million skiers a year, there is also Granby Ranch and four cross-country resorts with plentiful groomed tracks nearby. The town of Winter Park and the rest of Grand County now offer year round activities. Summer rivals the winter with the diversity of activities and quantity of special events. The hikers and bikers are in a mountain paradise with over 600 miles of trails to explore, dubbing the area Mountain Bike Capital USA for good reason. River rafting on the Colorado river, golf at Pole Creek Golf Course and 3 other courses, boating, fishing, horseback riding and Colorado’s longest alpine slide – an all time favorite with kids of all ages. Grand Lake is the town on the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park and has the largest natural lake in Colorado. Granby is between Winter Park and Grand Lake and offers its own schedule including those at Granby Ranch Resort.

Even though “winter” is in our name, there’s plenty of summer fun! All of the locals say that they “came for the winter, but stayed for the summer.”

Realtor Paul Lewis can help you find the perfect property for you so that you can truly enjoy all that Winter Park has to offer.

Winter Park Real Estate Realtor Paul Lewis