Winter Park Real Estate Sales Ends 2013 Even with 2012

The 2013 year ended with The Number of Sales up 2 1/2% compared to the year before and The Dollar Volume of Sold Listings down by the same percentage. Total sales were $106 million and the total number of properties sold was 359. This means that the Average Sale Price dropped 5%, however, this was largely due to more condominium & less residential sales, not a price drop for individual types of properties. The Residential sector (houses, duplexes & townhomes) saw a slight decrease, with The Number of Properties Sold for the year down 4.6%, while the Dollar Volume dropped 4.7% from $71 million to $67.6 million. The Average Sale price for this sector was virtually even (-.03%). Condominium sales... Read More →

Winter Park Real Estate Finally Ahead of Last Year

Winter Park real estate sales were significantly up in August which propelled this year ahead of last year, although by a small margin. Of particular note, the volume of the Residential sector (Single Family Homes & Townhomes) increased dramatically in the Dollar Volume of Sales. The total Number of Sales for all property segments (Residential, Condominiums & Vacant Land) is up 15%, while the Dollar Volume of Sales is up 2%. Average Sale Prices are down 12% for the year but this is still a big improvement compared to 2 months ago. The biggest change was in the highest segment of the market, Residential. The Number of Sales here is down 2%, while the Dollar Volume is down 8% but... Read More →

Past Blog Posts

My Condition with Update Posted on March 19, 2013 by Paul Lewis Hi All Several people have asked what is going on with me so I thought I would catch everyone up in an email. On Wednesday Feb 20 I went to my Doctor to get some Antibiotics for an infection. I started taking the antibiotics that night and almost right away did not feel too well. Thursday Friday And Saturday I didn’t feel good and mostly stayed in bed. Just figured it was the Meds fighting the infection, which has happened to me before. Sunday I felt a little better, was up all day, went to the store and watched the Oscars with Nancy. Then I went to bed.... Read More →